Initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close

At BDC Group, we use methods, tools and processes advocated by the Project Management Institute (PMI). We formally initiate, plan, execute, control and close out all kinds of projects.

Our project management team monitors the contract, cost, scope, quality, communications, human resources, risk, time, and integration of the various tasks required for project delivery.

We are committed to using proven project management methodologies and help ensure an excellent outcome by meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Our team brings over 50 years of direct and progressive project management experience to all of our projects. This includes large multi-component telecom site construction, shelter delivery and multicomponent telecom site decommissioning projects.

The Definitive Guide to Telecom Construction

Step into the shoes of a Project Manager to understand the engineering, design, planning and project management phases of completion.

How We Stand Out

BDC Group Inc. brings value added services, commitment, experience and success to your project.  Our team has worked closely with telecom and tower site construction including renovation and upgrades in multiple states.

This includes upgrade/equipment change out of electrical service on live multi-tenant sites (tower and telecom), fiber optic new and upgrade installations as well as vendor change over on live sites, DC and generator equipment installations and upgrades including battery maintenance and full turnkey POP,  RT and Data Center build out from raw land or empty shell.

years of working with qnx and unix

What They Say About Us

BDC Group Inc. teamed with ImOn (WATCH) for a Fiber-to-the-Home project to help assist with network expansion in Cedar Rapids. 

  • Install of fiber network (underground/aerial)

  • Network testing at the service pedestal or pole

  • Restoration of the easement or right of way near or on property

hours of training in project, HR, budget, staff development and risk management services.

Key Takeaways

Additional services include general construction management in building renovation/remodel, fire alarm installation and design, electrical remodel, HVAC installation, general maintenance and decommissioning.

Value Added Turnkey Solutions

Our team can provide full service options from the planning phase all the way through completion.

Plowing, Boring and Fiber Splicing

Construction, Modification and Upgrades 

New Precast Shelters and Refurbishment

Permitting and Site Work

On-site Foundation & Enhancements 

Delivery, Crane & Assembly

Batteries, DC Power & Rectifiers

Fire Suppression, Transfer Switch & HVAC

Natural Gas, Propane & Diesel