BDC Group stands for Building Diverse Communications. And to do just that, BDC has built our operations around three distinct divisions that encompass the vast entity that is building communications and utility infrastructures. We will dive deep and explore how they each carefully fit together to create customized turnkey service packages that are tailored to each of our partner’s needs.

OSP: Our Outside Plant (OSP) crews and project management teams are experienced in long haul fiber or utility projects. From rural projects stretching hundreds of miles, to projects that stretch across state lines, BDC Group can provide boring, plowing, general construction and fiber splicing services.

TSD: Telecom Site Development (TSD) is where BDC Group got its start in the telecommunications industry. We provide full turnkey telecom site development, from shelter and equipment procurement to installation, maintenance, civil construction, decommissioning services, electrical, and more.

ODS: The BDC On-Demand Service (ODS) division evolved as the direct result of our partner needs. From short urban drill shots, general contracting services, emergency maintenance, FTTX, maintenance planning, and so much more, our ODS team can customize a service package catered to fit any organization’s unique needs including any city, town, municipality, or organization.


To help tell the story of how each division of BDC ties neatly into the next we will need to paint a picture of how networks and Internet are constructed.

Let’s first start with OSP division and underground construction. The industry uses the term backbone to refer to the large, interconnected core network system that every other network feeds out of. So, for that reason, we will say that our OSP division builds the bones, or skeleton, of the internet. This is all the underground construction of fiber and other communication cables.

But bones, no matter how strong, can’t move without a little bit of muscle. The same is true with the internet. This is where our TSD division comes into play. The telecom, tower, utility, and data center sites help to regenerate, distribute, power, and protect the utility or communication lines helping to move the communications through the network, to the end user.

Finally, we have our ODS division. This division was created to fill in the gaps and support the other two divisions, as well as maintain the infrastructure and prepare networks for future growth. For this reason, we can say that the ODS division is like the circulatory system to the body of OSP and TSD. Just as the circulatory system delivers the nutrients to and helps heal the bones and muscles, ODS delivers vital services to help get the network to the end user and helps repair and maintain the underground network as well as the various sites.

Together these three divisions, OSP – the bones, TSD – the muscle, and ODS – the blood, build the infrastructure needed to structure and move the networks, as well as ensure its health and prepare it for growth. And just like any body, the internet is constantly changing and advancing, and BDC will be there as it does to ensure that we are able to provide quality services for our partners.


We thought it was also important to mention that each one of our divisions has experienced project managers who help drive the project forward, handle any hurdles and keep the project on time and on budget. At BDC Group, we use methods, tools and processes advocated by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

We formally initiate, plan, execute, control and close projects. Our team of seasoned and skilled project managers, and executives are committed to finding a turnkey solution to help our partners from the planning phase through project completion.

Our team has over 175 years of project management experience and there’s not much we haven’t seen. If the project throws us a curveball, we lean on the vast experience of our team to address, reassess, and move things forward for our partners. BDC Group can manage your project from the planning phase through project completion and we are committed to providing high quality products and services and delivering your project on-time, on-budget, as designed.



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  • Painting a Picture
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