BDC Group, Inc. provides unlimited solutions for custom shelters, and assists you with design, customization, construction, site preparation and install. Every shelter we build is designed, engineered and delivered to your speci­fications, including HVAC, cable entry, ­fire suppression equipment, lighting, racking and ladders, electrical and backup power systems. Our Precast Concrete Buildings are designed for ground-mounted telecommunication and data equipment protection. These types of protective shelters are made to last: We build bullet resistant, wind-resistant, and due to the rough surface, are difficult to vandalize. Our concrete shelters resist winds greater than 150 mph, and are resistant to storm damage (such as flying debris). They are generally energy-efficient and can maintain temperature consistency even during brief periods of temperature change. While the sturdy construction will last for decades to come.

Features include:

· Resist hurricane force winds of 150 mph
· Earthquake resistant to Zone 4 conditions upon request
· 5,000 psi lightweight, solid concrete walls better resist flying debris
· Bullet resistant up to and including 30:06 caliber rifle at point blank range upon request
· Resist all boring insects ¬– eliminating the cost of treatment and extermination.
· Energy efficient & maintains temperature settings
· Bolted & welded as opposed to nailed (nails can loosen under stress)
· Redundant 2-6 Ton HVAC systems
· Meets all Federal, state & local codes

Custom Precast Shelters made to last: unlimited solutions designed to your specifications

Standard Specifications

· Floor Loading: 200 psf – reinforced concrete with step joint design.
· Roof Loading: 150 psf – reinforced concrete with ¼” per foot slope to eaves.
· Wind Loading: 150 mph -steel reinforced concrete walls.

Construction Notes

· Conforms to ACI-138 building code requirements for reinforced concrete
· Lightweight Concrete – compressive strength of 5000 psi at 28 days
· Steel reinforcing bars are billet steel conforming to ASTM A-615 grade 60 specifications.
· Concrete coverage over all steel conforms to ACI-318 building code
· All rebar tied & welded


· White embossed FRP laminated interior walls & ceiling
· Commercial-grade flooring tile
· Vinyl cove base molding
· Steel doors, alarms and HVAC specified by the buyer

Wall and Roof Sealant Applications

· Exterior wall surface sprayed with penetrating sealant.
· Exposed aggregate or smooth finish