What Is A Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform?

FRCP (defined as Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform) is an exclusive high-grade steel platform engineered by BDC Group Inc.

The design is intended to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional ways to house important telecom equipment and provide the same solutions. Customization is key when it comes to the FRCP. Whether your infrastructure project calls for a telecom cabinet with backup power equipment, HVAC systems, generators or automatic transfer switches, these platforms can be built and transported quickly.

Each FRCP is fully tested to ensure each part meets our high-quality control standards and regulations. After the unit has cleared each test it is ready for immediate deployment to your site where it will then be set into place and ready for use.

Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform
Fiber Regen Steel Platform Enclosure

Why Purchase An FRCP?

Traditionally, precast concrete shelters were generally the go-to option to house important telecom power equipment based on industry standards.

The one disadvantage of going the shelter route is overall cost and lead time. Your team is looking at spending 60% to 70% more on overall cost and take twice as long to deploy by going with a newly fabricated or used shelter option.

Steel platforms can be constructed quickly for immediate job needs including:

  • Equipment mounted on high-grade steel.
  • Full customization options based on your specific project needs.
  • Transportation to any site location, saving on expensive logistic costs.
Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform
Reduce Lead Time Cabinet Batteries

Reduce Lead Time and Save Money

By deploying on a fully customizable high-grade steel platform, an FRCP gives you the ability to reduce lead times with an 8 to 10 week site build.

In addition to providing a platform and associated products like power equipment, cabinets and generators, our experienced project management team can provide full turn-key construction options for infrastructure site build outs. Let BDC do the heavy lifting and help you avoid needing to contact multiple companies to accomplish one goal.

We understand our customers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to get their infrastructure projects completed quickly and reliably. BDC’s team can provide a diverse pool of experienced, knowledgeable contractors who have a passion for continuous improvement. Our staff has been specializing in telecom projects for over 75 years!

Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform

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