What is ODS?

On-Demand Services or ODS is a BDC Group division that was created to meet the vast service needs of our customers.

Our expansive portfolio of customized services can be mixed and matched to create a unique service package for any telco, utility company, private network operator or internet service provider. By creating flexible plans for our partners, we are better able to accommodate the individual challenges customers in the industry face, while helping them to reach their network infrastructure, budgetary and schedule goals, both now and in the future.

Infrastructure Services

We specialize in network infrastructure services including boring, plowing, fiber jetting, splicing, handhole placement, and more.

General Construction

We also provide various general construction services including site builds, concrete services, trenching, AC/DC integration, and more.

Planning, Maintenance and Emergency

Our team is focused on planning and maintaining your infrastructure and offers services like expansion management, maintenance planning, emergency and on-call maintenance, and site audits.

On-Demand Services
Fiber to the Home On-Demand Services

Our OSP division can provide plowing, boring and fiber splicing options utilizing state of the art equipment in the field.


We specialize in fiber services including duct bank systems, overhead line builds, manhole placement & splicing.

Handhole Placement

BDC Group has vast experience in handhole placement to help your company access all underground lines with ease.

Fiber Drops

Our ODS team specializes in fiber service drops to help bring high speed internet services to communities across the country.

Infrastructure Expansion

With technology advancing and the need for reliable network services increasing, infrastructure is aging quickly, and approaching the end of its life. Needing to address your current infrastructure issues, replacing older sections of your network, or repairing areas with wear and tear is essential to protecting your investment and preparing for the future.

Our team of experienced technicians can help build, repair, and maintain your network infrastructure. Our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in order to perform a variety of infrastructure services such as boring and plowing, fiber jetting, fiber plowing, fiber splicing, handhole placement and fiber drops.

OSP Construction

General Construction and Electrical Services

BDC understands that customers are under immense pressure to get infrastructure projects completed quickly, reliably, and under budget. We also know that minor general construction jobs pop up unexpectedly. These projects can be distracting and time consuming, unless you have a trusted partner who can take the project off your hands and get it done efficiently, while also maintaining quality. We can offer general construction services with our team of expert, professional technicians to help get infrastructure projects done on time and on budget.

Our general construction services include concrete work, site builds and restorations, decommissioning services, trenching, as well as an in house, master electrician to help with all AC/DC and other electrical project needs.

OSP Construction

Maintenance Planning and Emergency Maintenance

Having a maintenance plan can be the difference between a reliable, quality network and a costly, headache causing infrastructure, riddled with issues. Our focus is to create a cost-effective plan to maintain your customers and help prepare your networks for the future. Our team wants to ensure your investment is not only protected, but is scalable for current and future growth.

When emergency strikes, you need a partner you can trust to get your infrastructure back up and running quickly. Our crews are at the ready to answer any emergency call. Whether it’s a utility or fiber line strike or HVAC unit failure, we can have a specialize technician on site to make the repair.

On-Demand Services

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