When it comes to precast concrete, our team brings decades of manufacturing experience. While we didn’t initially get our start in the telecom industry, the structures we have manufactured are built to last.

Manufacturing begins.
Expansion capabilities evolve to include concrete structures.
Our introduction into the telecommunications industry.
National Precast Concrete Association Plant Certified Production Facility.
History of Precast Concrete Shelter


While other companies are focused on manufacturing as many telecom buildings as possible in day or week span, our focus is concrete first. We understand that that the stability of a structure is dependent on the quality of the precast concrete.

This is why when a tower fell onto one of our structures we manufactured, the precast concrete building remained unharmed. This means all of the vital telecommunications equipment inside remained online and never experienced any damage.

We have a commitment to quality and our products are manufactured to meet any and all design requirements and quality control standards of the National Precast Concrete Association.

Precast Concrete Shelters

Advantages of Purchasing New

By purchasing a new telecom shelter, you have the option of customizing it to unique specifications including fabricating a structure at a specific size to meet your exact needs. This is ideal for the consumer in a situation where specific size limitations are key and you can’t find that perfect shelter in the current marketplace, especially with limited options.

New shelters are built for strength and can withstand impact, harsh weather conditions and minimum load bearing which provides unsurpassed strength. Weather conditions include up to 150 mph winds and flying debris. Worried about insects or weather climates ruining your investment? Boring insects, mold, mildew and erosion are no match for concrete shelters.

Precast Concrete Shelters


Our shelters are fully customizable with sizes ranging from 8’×8′ to as large as 24’×40′. This includes FRP laminated interior walls and ceiling, commercial-grade flooring tile, steel doors, alarms and climate controlled HVAC equipment.

In addition to assisting with custom design, our project management team is fully equipped to assist you with a variety of general construction and logistics services. Let BDC do the heavy lifting for you and save you time on coordinating with multiple companies.


  • Design, Permitting and Site Work
  • On-site Foundation, Architectural Enhancements
  • Delivery, Crane and Assembly
  • Electrical and Fire Protection
  • Power Equipment
  • Generators and ATS Support
Precast Concrete Shelters

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