Telecom: Network Expansion with Telecom Shelters


FiberLight (Texas)

BDC Division:



Broadband, Fiber


BDC Group partnered with FiberLight to provide a deployment of 40 telecom shelters throughout the state of Texas on various customer fiber rings. Multiple tenants had power equipment located inside the shelters.

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These refurbished shelters included full build outs with equipment racks, DC plant, HVAC systems and power equipment. Our team also provided full logistics services and project management to close out all sites.

Telecom: Fiber Regeneration for Client Fiber Ring

FRCP deployment for fiber regeneration on fiber ring in Texas

FRCP Project in Texas

Telecom: New Concrete Shelter, Project Management

Fabricated Shelter, Construction and Installation in Oklahoma


Telecom: Logistics and Project Management

Craning and Logistics Services for Telecom Shelter in Minnesota

East River Electric