Telecom Shelters, Generators and Power Equipment
Precast Concrete Shelters

Unlimited solutions for custom precast concrete shelters including design, customization, construction, site preparation and installation. Every shelter is designed to your unique specifications.

Used Telecom Shelters

A variety of surplus shelter options in many custom sizes to meet your requirements including full restoration and customer equipment integration for your specific project needs at cost-effective pricing.

Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform

Custom engineered fiber regeneration cabinet platform that will help you save money on your current fiber projects, greatly reduce lead times and designed to your projects unique specifications.

Cabinet Integration

Exclusive telecommunications cabinet integration for indoor or outdoor. Lightweight cabinets are weather resistant and climate controlled to protect all of your vital telecom components.


Wide variety of industrial generators including natural gas, propane, diesel and mobile. Commercial backup generators can be used for standby, primary and secondary options ranging in many sizes.

HVAC Systems

Telecommunications equipment, server rooms and data centers all require commercial HVAC systems to regulate the environment for maximum efficiency and overall component lifespan.

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression plays an important role in reducing network downtime while protecting your equipment and other valuable assets. Custom installation protects against significant damage.

Power Equipment

Large and diverse inventory of power equipment to meet your exact power requirements. We have formed elite partnerships with companies like Alpha, GE Energy, Eltek Valere and Enersys.

Transfer Switches

With automatic transfer switches, you can help monitor your standard telecom power supply and detect any interruptions to automatically start the on-site generator. Stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!