Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform (FRCP)

Designed for Wireless, Broadband and Fiber Optic Projects

BDC Group, Inc has engineered an exclusive Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform (FRCP) design that assembles right in our factory and can be shipped anywhere in the nation. While the old cabinet installation process will become something of the past, the FRCP can be mass produced and has the potential to reduce lead times and save you money.

Looking for an alternative to a new precast concrete shelters or used telecom shelters? Our FRCP design is the perfect way to accomplish the same telecom solutions and still maintain protection of vital telecom equipment.

Customize Your Platform for any Telecom Project

This exclusive design provides the opportunity to customize a platform to provide any kind of telecom solution, including emergency deployment. Some of these options include (but not limited to):

Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform (FRCP)

Why purchase an FRCP?

Customization for your project
Mounted on high-grade steel platform
Easy to transport for cost savings

BDC Group takes care of you and your project needs from customization to installation. Everything is mounted on a raised high-grade steel platform that is designed for easy transport to your project location. The platform can be transported to any site locations in the nation using cost effective methods. In addition, BDC Group is able to offer turn-key site construction, maintenance and fiber splicing services in addition to taking care of the logistics and installation of your FRCP.

What Are The Cost Advantages?

This innovative system was developed here at BDC Group, Inc and is designed with cost savings and today’s demanding schedule in mind. All platforms are manufactured and tested in the controlled environment of our factory.

3 ways a fiber optic cabinet provides long lasting protection

Each FRCP is fully tested to ensure each part meets our high-quality control standards and regulations. After the unit has cleared each test it is ready for immediate deployment to your site where it will then be set into place and ready for use. The Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform is great in many applications and can save you time and money!

Whether you need multiple cabinets, a larger platform, an ice bridge to protect the equipment, or solar panels, BDC Group, Inc is able to customize the FRCP to fit your project and site needs. BDC Group offers full turn-key fiber installation to include design, aerial and underground placement and splicing.

Setup a time and talk with one of our project managers so we can help assess your current lead times and find any potential areas of opportunity for your projects!