Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform

High-grade steel platform for power equipment

High-Grade Steel Platform for Wireless, Broadband and Fiber Optic Projects

BDC Group Inc. has engineered an exclusive high-grade steel platform design (Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform aka FRCP) that assembles in our factory and can be shipped anywhere in the nation. 

This exclusive design can be completely customized, mass produced and is intended to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional ways of housing telecom equipment.

Each steel platform is fully tested in-house to ensure each part meets our high-quality standards and regulations. After the unit has cleared each test, it is ready for immediate deployment.

BDC Group also offers full project management services for your platform and can even complete all raw land builds and civil work.

High-Grade Steel Platform as an Alternative to Telecom Shelters

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Cost Advantages

This innovative system was developed exclusively by BDC Group Inc. and is designed with cost savings and today’s demanding schedule in mind. All platforms are manufactured and tested in the controlled environment of our factory.

Broadband Wireless

Cellular networks will be relying on small cells to help with the planned expansion of 5G

Fiber Regeneration

Cost-effective solution for customers needing fiber regeneration on a fiber ring

Emergency Deployment

House generators and cabinets with backup battery power to keep vital equipment online

Custom options starting at 10 KW

Lightweight with vault-like security

Climate controlled options

Batteries, DC Power Plants and Rectifiers

Monitor and detect any power interruptions

Design, permitting and site work

Companies who haven’t deployed a platform spend 60-70% more on costs

Reduce Lead Times and Save on Costs

If a new or used telecom shelter isn’t in your budget, deploying a high-grade steel platform can give you ability to reduce lead times and can be deployed anywhere in the nation.

In 2017, we hired BDC Group Inc. to build out and install a fiber regen site in Texas. Their caring team of experienced professionals built out the entire site including a custom design, engineering, surveying and civil work. They even completed power up and testing for us. If you hire BDC for your next telecom project, I am sure they will make you look good as they have always done for me.
Kyle Penick,