Natural Gas, Propane and Diesel

Natural Gas, Propane and Diesel Generators

BDC Group Inc. offers a wide variety of industrial generators, including various models of new or used diesel and liquid propane (LP) gas fueled products. Our vast selection of commercial backup generators can be used for stand-by, primary and secondary power solutions.

BDC’s team can source, install, and decommission generators on site. Our licensed electricians have experience in a variety of electrical work and maintenance. Maintaining your generator is an important part of protecting the vital components of your network.

10 KW up to 2.5 Megs


Turnkey installation and decommission services


Full service maintenance options available

Electrical Services and Your Network

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Electrical should be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of building or maintaining network infrastructure. It is a key component to both ISP and OSP infrastructure, from the electricity needed to power the equipment to grounding the site in order to protect the equipment.

Advantage of Power Reliability

For many industries, it is mission-critical to have a backup generator for a potential scenario where the city’s power grid fails or if your alternative energy sources are temporarily down. We offer a variety of options for different types of markets, listed below.

Natural Disasters

Partner Solutions

We have partners with top manufacturers in the industry to hold a line of generators to ensure your site has access to the power supply solutions that fit with your existing fuel source. Ranging in size from 10 KW up to 2.5 Megs with three different fuel type options as well as mobile options for more temporary use.​

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