Natural Gas, Propane and Diesel Generators

BDC Group, Inc offers a wide variety of industrial generators, including various models of new or used diesel and liquid propane (LP) gas fueled products. Our vast selection of commercial backup generators can be used for stand-by, primary and secondary power solutions. Sizes range anywhere from 10 KW up to 2.5 Megs.

Advantages of Power Reliability

For many industries, it is mission-critical to have a backup generator in a potential scenario where the city’s power grid fails or if your alternative energy sources are temporarily down. Market focuses include:

Why telecom backup power was important during the California wildfire outbreak

Service: Avoiding critical downtime to keep your business online.
Natural Disasters: Keep things running when weather strikes.
Rural: Dependable solution where standard power grids do not reach.

Construction: One-time investment for worksites with no power.
Healthcare: Maintain continuous power for life-critical devices.
Grocery/Restaurants: Dependable power for important food items.


Keep your business online 24/7 with many options

Natural Gas: Dependable and renewable fuel source.
Propane: Powerful, lasts for thousands of hours.
Diesel: Stand up to extreme weather conditions.

We are partnered with top manufacturers in the industry to hold a line of generators to ensure your site has access to the power supply solutions that fit with your existing fuel source. Ranging in size from 10 KW up to 2.5 Megs with three different fuel type options as well as mobile options for more temporary use.​

Our partners include: