HVAC Systems

Regulate the Environment to Protect Equipment

BDC Group, Inc can provide exclusive access to HVAC Systems (defined as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) designed for telecommunications equipment, server rooms and data centers.

HVAC Systems help regulate the environment for maximum efficiency and component lifespan. Without environmental control, vital communication components are more prone to failure and can put business operations on hold.

Protection from Weather Elements

During the summer when temperatures are high and heat waves are common, the air conditioning component of the HVAC system kicks on to keep your telecom equipment cool and prevent over-heating. During the winter, your telecom equipment cannot operate if frozen. HVAC heating units regulates the temperature surrounding your equipment.

Data center growth on the rise – why HVAC and backup power is important for infrastructure

The ventilation system protects against extreme humidity by replacing the air surrounding your equipment. Smoke, heat, moisture, dust, and more can all be replaced through ventilation to ensure a continuously safe environment.

Other forms of equipment protection that are important includes:

HVAC units are designed for:

Commercial heating/ventilation
Mounted on concrete, metal or fiberglass shelters
Full installation available for any application
Specific units available depending on equipment

HVAC Systems