Power Equipment

Large and Diverse Inventory

BDC Group, Inc. offers a large and diverse inventory of power equipment to meet the exact requirements of your power systems. Our focus is providing businesses with equipment they need to function at optimal efficiency.

It is critical to have clean and constant power equipment to ensure that your infrastructure never suffers any downtime. A power failure or loss of connection with your DC power plant can result in a breakdown or downtime in operational production and worker’s ability to perform manual jobs.

Types of telecom power options include:

Batteries: Industrial batteries for backing up power systems, often used for the expansion of wireless communications or keeping wireless networks online.
DC Power Plants and Rectifiers: Ideal for supporting communications networks with direct current power or alternating current power.

Power Equipment

Elite Partnerships

At BDC Group, Inc, our partnerships with Alpha, GE Power and Eltek Valere allows us to meet existing DC power plant and telecom systems specifications, and we’re proud to be able to offer power supply support for mobile and fixed systems alike.

Why backup power equipment was important during the California wildfire outbreak

We work with a range of different clients to support telecom networks, data centers, power utilities, and more. Rectifiers, which are also used in standard utility systems, are one of several power supplies that make up these backup power systems. BDC Group, Inc. will help you find the right rectifier and auxiliary power components for your needs.​