Precast Concrete Shelters

Unlimited Solutions for your Telecom Project

BDC Group, Inc can provide many telecommunications solutions utilizing custom precast concrete shelters.

Telecom shelters are built to last long-term and protect vital equipment including HVAC systems, generators, cable entry, fire suppression, lighting, racking, ladders and backup power systems.

BDC Group can provide unique turn-key solutions to assist you with design, customization, construction, site preparation and installation. Our experienced project management team is here to assist you from start to completion.

By going new, you have the option of customizing a precast shelter to unique specifications including fabricating a structure at a specific size to meet your exact needs. This is ideal for the consumer in a situation where specific size limitations are key and you can’t find that perfect shelter in the current marketplace, especially with limited options.

Precast Concrete Shelters

Concrete shelters are designed for ground-mounted telecom and protection of data equipment like:

Customized to your Specifications

BDC Group has formed an elite partnership with a precast concrete shelter manufacturer that can be customized to your specifications with over 30 years of experience. Our staff has specialized in custom telecom projects for over 10 years and can provide access to a variety of telecom products.

What to consider when you are looking to purchase a new telecom shelter

Our specifications including a variety of loading options including:

Floor Loading: 200 psf, reinforced concrete, step joint design
Roof Loading: 150 psf, reinforced concrete, ¼” per foot slope to eaves
Wind Loading: 150 mph, steel reinforced concrete walls

BDC Group concrete shelters conform to ACI-138 building code requirements for reinforced concrete. Our lightweight concrete includes compressive strength of 5000 psi at 28 days. Steel reinforcing bars are billet steel conforming to ASTM A-615 grade 60 specifications. Concrete coverage is included as all steel confirms to ACI-318 building code. All rebar is tied and welded.

All concrete shelters include FRP laminated interior walls and ceiling, commercial-grade flooring tile, vinyl cove base molding, steel doors, alarms and HVAC equipment. All exterior walls are sprayed with penetrating sealant with exposed aggregate or smooth finish.