Precast Concrete Shelters

Custom outside plant solutions

Unlimited Solutions for your Telecom Project

BDC Group Inc can provide a variety of outside plant solutions utilizing custom precast concrete shelters.

Our team can provide unique turnkey solutions to assist you with design, customization, construction, site preparation and installation. Our experienced project management team is here to assist you from start to completion of your infrastructure project.

By purchasing new, you have the option of customizing a precast shelter to unique specifications including fabricating a structure at a specific size to meet your exact needs. This is ideal for the consumer in a situation where specific size limitations are key and you can’t find that perfect shelter in the current marketplace, especially with limited options.

Manufacturing Precast Concrete Shelters

eBook Manufacturing Prefabricated Shelters for Outside Plant Solutions BDC Group Inc.
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Purchasing a new concrete shelter can offer a variety of customized options for your outside plant project. Download this free eBook that explore the quality and new shelters deployed in the field.

Why Choose BDC Group?

Our team can provide access to fully customized concrete shelters that are built to last long-term and protect vital telecommunications equipment, in addition to project management, logistics and construction services.

Customize Your Shelter

Customize precast concrete shelters ranging in size from 8×8 to as large as 24×40.

Project Management

Our team will initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close your project from start to finish.

Maintenance Solutions

Our crews can provide shelter inspection and repair, foundation upgrades and refurbishment.

Batteries, DC Power & Rectifiers

Fire Suppression, Transfer Switch & HVAC 

Natural Gas, Propane & Diesel

Permitting and Site Work

On-site Foundation & Enhancements

Delivery, Crane & Assembly

years of experience in manufacturing precast concrete

Customized to your specifications

Our shelters are fully customizable with sizes ranging from 8×8 to as large as 24×40. This includes FRP laminated interior walls and ceiling, commercial-grade flooring tile, steel doors, alarms and climate controlled HVAC equipment.

We contacted BDC Group looking for a solutions provider for two co-location sites for our fiber network expansion. BDC’s solution included full site construction, a new prefabricated concrete shelter, generator and integrated DC power plant. I would highly recommend hiring BDC Group and their project management staff to build any infrastructure on time and on budget. 
Steve Ragland,