Transfer Switches

Essential part of the Power Generation Process

Automatic transfer switches with built-in controls will monitor your standard telecom power supply and detect any interruptions. When the utility power does fail, the transfer switch automatically starts the on-site generator and transfers the electrical load once the proper voltage and frequency has been reached.

Automatic Transfer Switches

An Automatic Transfer Switch can provide:

Detection if there is any loss of power and automatically starting the generator, switching from utility power to generator power
Allows the generator to provide temporary electrical power if/when the utility source fails

Full Protection during Power Loss

This process takes a matter of seconds after the power failure occurs. After the normal utility power has been restored, the transfer system will return the load back and after a time delay, shut down the generator.

Why telecom backup power was important during the California wildfire outbreak

With an automatic transfer switch, your telecom power equipment and business operations are protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team can provide full installation and testing services before and during delivery.

One of our recent projects in Texas took advantage of our exclusive Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform (FRCP) design with an Automatic Transfer Switch and Generator mounted on a high-grade steel platform. This project was specifically designed to prevent any important power loss.

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