Full site preparation

Minimize Lead Times and Reduce Costs

BDC Group Inc. provides a variety of construction and installation services with a diverse pool of experienced and knowledgeable contractors in the field.

As experts in managing installation logistics, we are able to minimize lead times, reduce costs and assure that everything required for the development of your project is in hand prior to the onset of the installation phase.

The Definitive Guide to Telecom Construction

eBook The Definitive Guide to Telecom Construction
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Step into the shoes of a Project Manager to understand the engineering, design, planning and project management phases of completion involving a full telecom site build.

Elite Project Management Services

BDC Group can mobilize on-site staff and draw from a pool of experienced contractors.

Our staff has been specializing in telecom projects for over 10 years, providing general contracting services as experts in the field for on-site architectural enhancements, on-site mechanical and any additional telecommunications equipment needed.

Full Site Preparation
Logistics and Transportation
Protect Valuable Equipment

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