Fiber Splicing

Fiber Optic Splicing, Testing, and Repair

Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Government

BDC Group Inc specializes in fiber splicing services including multi-node, ribbon, and high count or specialized splices. Our fiber splicing team can meet the needs of any application including residential, commercial, municipal and government facilities.

Our fiber team has over 40 combined years of splicing experience from network backbone to the end user. Our technicians have seen fiber optic technology advance from the 90’s to the advanced systems we see today.

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Fiber Services

Our Fiber Division can handle a variety of different products to support industrial, commercial, municipal, and governmental data centers, as well as fiber network design for industries like healthcare, education, pipelines, railroads, telecommunications, and banking.

Audits and Inspections
Installation and Repair
Project Management

Project Types

Our Fiber Division can handle a variety of different projects to support our partners in many industries.

Emergency/Night Cuts
Fiber and Ribbon Splicing
Central Office and Data Centers

Fiber Division Equipment

BDC Group Inc has a fleet of customized, fully serviced trucks, vans and splice trailers to meet your project needs. All splicing labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as Sumitomo splice machines, Exfo OTDRs, power meters, visual light sources, top-of-the-line safety equipment and more.


Our field technicians will send daily progress updates to ensure your project stays on track and every splice location is completed with close out documents and pictures. Our experienced technicians are quality and safety prioritized. 

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