Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and Heavy Haul Services

BDC Group, Inc. provides logistics services included with our selection of products that require over-sized or heavy-haul shipping. This includes, but not limited to, precast concrete shelters, used shelters and generators.

Our experienced project management team will analyze your site prior to delivery. BDC Group’s goal is to help you meet important deadlines and keep your project on budget!

We Can Analyze Your Site

Our team will also reduce risks by analyzing your site prior to delivery and managing all communications with each party involved (drivers, cranes, riggers, permits, etc.)

The Definitive Guide to Telecom Construction: Transportation and Logistics

This could mean the difference between an on-time and under-budget project versus one that is riddled with complications that quickly goes over deadline and over budget. When you work with us, you’ll get nothing but our best.

Let us do the heavy lifting with:

Established partners nationwide
Cost-effective pricing to stay on budget
On-time delivery to avoid delays
Safety precautions with offload crew