Telecom Site Development

Custom Precast Telecom Shelters and Raw Land Construction

Custom Precast Concrete Outside Plant Solutions

Telecom Site Development is where BDC Group got our start. Our team offers full turnkey telecom site development solutions. BDC Group’s telecom site development experts can help update and expand your network with customized full site build outs to facilities.

This includes manufacturing precast concrete shelters, procurement of surplus concrete shelters, site and equipment refurbishment and decommissioning, general construction, project management, and telecom electrical services.

BDC can take care of all your telecom site needs. From procurement to installation, maintenance, and decommission services, our portfolio of products and services can be mixed and matched to create a solution that can fit any project’s needs.

An Introduction to Telecom Site Development

An Introduction to Telecom Site Development eBook BDC Group Inc.
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Our expansive portfolio of products and services can be mixed and matched to create a turnkey package to fit any project need. Our solution is to always be your main point of contact from the beginning of the project through project completion.

Telecom Shelter Design

  1. Newly Fabricated Concrete Shelters

    Our precast concrete shelters can be fully customized with sizes ranging from 8’×8′ up to 24’×40′, making them ideal for projects with specific size limitations

  2. Full Site Build Out Options

    All shelters include FRP laminated interior walls and ceiling, commercial-grade flooring tile, steel doors, alarms and HVAC, with all exterior walls sprayed with penetrating sealant

  3. Generators and Power Equipment

    Concrete shelters are designed to protect data, wireless, broadband and telecom equipment, including generators, transfer switches, power equipment, fire suppression and HVAC

New Precast Concrete Shelters
If you are seeking customization, a newly fabricated precast concrete shelter can provided a variety of unique options.
Surplus Shelters

If purchasing new isn’t in your budget, explore the benefits of surplus shelters in a variety of sizes.

Turn-key Logistics and Coordination

  1. We Can Analyze Your Site

    Our team will reduce risk by analyzing your site prior to delivery. This could mean the difference between an on-time and under-budget project

  2. Cost-Effective Options

    We work with established partners nationwide to find the most cost-effective pricing to make sure your project stays on budget

  3. On-Time Delivery

    Our project management team will ensure on-time delivery to avoid delays with your project


Telecom Turnkey Solutions

New or Used Options

We will help you determine if a new precast or surplus shelter is the best option for your project.

Site Development

We perform all site construction and preparation, from permitting to concrete foundations and restoration.

Project Management

Our team provides full project management services including cost, scope, HR, time and integration.

Our Experience

BDC’s experienced technicians are quality prioritized and committed to safety.

Let BDC Manage Your Project

Architectural Enhancements

Engineered design including customized structure options for deployment

Permitting and Site Work

Our experienced project managers can handle all aspects of a telecom site

Equipment Procurement and Install

Let us help you find the most cost-effective option with full installation


Full service options including grounding, AC and DC power, ATS and maintenance

On-Site Foundation

On-site construction options including concrete for full site build

Generators and Power Equipment

10 KW up to 2.5 Megs including batteries, DC power and rectifiers


Products We Offer

Our OEM partnerships allow us to offer a large and diverse selection of site equipment to find the right components to fit the customer’s needs. BDC provides innovative, cost-effective solutions that are customized to fit the needs of our partners while maintaining quality and an open line of communication.

Precast Concrete Shelters

BDC Group Inc. provides a variety of outside plant solutions utilizing custom precast concrete shelters.

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Surplus Shelters

BDC Group Inc. provides surplus shelters in a variety of sizes. This includes full customization and refurbishment to meet your individual requirements for your specific project.

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Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform

BDC Group Inc. has engineered an exclusive high-grade steel platform design (Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform aka FRCP) that assembles in our factory and can be shipped anywhere in the nation.

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Cabinet Integration

BDC Group Inc. provides exclusive access to telecom cabinet integration options to protect vital communications components including wiring, cables and fiber optics.

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BDC Group Inc. offers a wide variety of industrial generators, including various models of new or used diesel and liquid propane (LP) gas fueled products. Our vast selection of commercial backup generators can be used for stand-by, primary and secondary power solutions.

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HVAC Systems

BDC Group Inc. provides exclusive access to HVAC Systems (defined as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) designed for telecommunications equipment, server rooms and data centers.

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Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems provide sustainable technology with an environmentally-friendly solution. Fire suppression systems effectively prevent combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires before they cause substantial damage.

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Power Equipment

BDC Group Inc. offers a large and diverse inventory of power equipment to meet the exact requirements of your power systems.

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Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches with built-in controls will monitor your standard telecom power supply and detect any interruptions.

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Telecom Site Development Products We Offer