For many industries, it is mission-critical to have a backup generator in case the city’s power grid fails, or if your alternative energy sources are temporarily down.

Service Industry

Your livelihood depends on the technology that your industry uses. An industrial backup generator can ensure that you continue to provide services without downtime.

Severe Weather

If your industry or business is in an area that is prone to any natural disasters, a commercial backup generator can ensure that your business stays running.

Rural Locations

If you run an industry where standard power grids do not have much reach, an industrial generator may be your only solution.

Top reasons why purchasing a new commercial or industrial generator is a wise investment


An industrial generator is one of the best one-time investments you can make when construction worksites do not yet have a power source. You can use it as the primary power source initially, and then transition its use to an industrial backup generator when construction is complete.

Healthcare Facilities

If your hospital has a patient in surgery, maintaining continuous power can save lives. One of our industrial gas generators can ensure that your patients have access to life-critical devices in case your facility has a power outage.

Grocery Stores and Restaurants

One of our commercial backup generators can ensure that your registers keep working and your food does not spoil during rolling blackouts or extended power outages.

Tower Cell Site Backup Power

Prime and Standby